Music Services: Educational and Developmental Work with Children

Early Integration

Exactly how music enhances learning is not clear, but scientists believe that when children receive music instruction, their brains form connections between neurons in patterns that help them to do higher reasoning. Not only this, but it can help increase overall intelligence by shaping the types of attitudes, interests and discipline within children. Music can help children to focus and enhance their listening skills, increase concentration levels, help with co-ordination and relaxation, help increase patience levels, while also giving self-confidence and increasing self-esteem.

Developmental Music Sessions for Babies to 7 Years – Family Basis

Music TherapyThese sessions are provided on a ‘family basis’ (one family or child seen at any one time) and help with overall development, using music as the main feature to help enhance cognitive ability, physical and social development, emotional awareness and listening ability, all involving parents/carers as well. Movement to music forms a large part of these sessions. Each programme is specifically devised for the following age ranges, and parent/child attends a small series of 30 minute sessions:

  • Newborn baby to 18 months
  • Toddler aged 18 months to 3 years
  • Preschooler aged 3-5 years
  • 5-7 years
  • 8 years and above

Group Music and Movement Sessions

Music TherapyFrom time to time there are also sessions held for small groups – please contact us for further details.

Music Instruction

For children aged 7 years and over, music sessions can be devised to combine any number of instruments, featuring a choice of percussion instruments including bongos, congas, Brazilian surdo drums, snare drum, string instruments (dulcimer and guitar), woodwind (recorder, saxophone, clarinet), keyboard, voice. This helps them to fully prepare for involvement in musical activities at primary and secondary school. Tuition can also include melody and harmony, and all aspects of music theory. If wishing to enter for music grades, the syllabus followed is that of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

Children With Special Needs

For children with special needs, sessions can be tailored to suit the individual child. The overall aim is to raise self-esteem, build on a sense of achievement, increase concentration levels, and provide a specific focus as required – this could be a focus on co-ordination skills, muscle control, interaction levels, or enhanced communication skills, for example. Sessions are normally given on a ‘family basis’. For parents who are not able to attend the Music and Play Room in Thelwall with their child, home visits can often be arranged within a 30 mile radius.

Reinforcing Musical Activities at Home

The music sessions themselves are important, but we also encourage reinforcement of activities at home, and special instruction can be provided regarding this. Home materials (usually comprising of music CD, guide for parents, and age appropriate instrument) are also available for parents wanting to repeat the activities at home with their child.

What is the Next Stage?

Contact Jane to arrange a consultation at Sandworlds in Thelwall, Warrington.