Therapeutic Sandplay for Adults

Therapeutic Sandplay

Therapeutic SandplayDeveloped by Dora Kalff, in Switzerland, in the 1950s, based on the theories of Jung and her own studies with Margaret Lowenfield, sandplay is a non-intrusive and non-verbal form of psychotherapy.

Through creative working with sand, unconscious processes are made visible in a 3D form. Working with sand can become a deep emotionally felt experience. The images made in the sand can aid a person’s conscious realisation of inner problems and emotional issues, allowing changes to take place and a move to a new stage of life. Therefore, the sandplay process works at a conscious and unconscious level.

What Happens in a Therapeutic Sandplay Session?

Therapeutic SandplayA session normally lasts 50 or 60 minutes, and the therapist provides sand trays and a choice of sandplay miniature figures. Figures can be selected and placed in the sand tray in any way the client wishes, to make a story, sculpture or image, or the sand itself can be the sole main feature and worked through, with water being added if required, to make the sand wet and more easier to sculpt or shape. There is no need to talk during the process (unless the client wishes to talk), and at the end of the session, a photograph may be taken by the therapist of the tray which can be reviewed after a small series of sessions.

What Can Therapeutic Sandplay Help With?

Therapeutic sandplay can be useful if you are aware of emotional issues:

  • that may be hindering you from achieving your full potential
  • that are causing you to be anxious
  • that may be causing depression
  • that may result from trauma or abuse
  • that cause difficulties in communicating with others, or difficulties with relationships
  • that are causing low self-esteem, or a lack of confidence generally

What is the Next Stage?

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